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We consider our customers as a part of us hence we consider their Privacy as an mandatory thing. We do not involve in any unnatural behavior of installation of any kind of malware or spyware on your computer in the act of monitoring your activity in regards to you using the internet. We assure that we will consider your computer and hard drive as your own asset and will not interrupt in any kind of misuse. All the details that we collect from you during the process of account creation such as your personal information which includes your name, age, email id, or your residential address and related information that you submit to us is used only for ethical purpose.We assure you that your contact details are completely secure at our hands and we will never rent or sell those details to anyone.

The contact details collected from our customers are to create a good relationship between us and to keep updating them with our new products, our other articles, blogs, publications, and special offers from time to time to some special customers.In case you do not want to receive any of these notifications you will be given full freedom to opt out of these notification at the address or email below.

The privacy policy, terms and conditions provided are to ensure that you agree to them and using them and you happen to grant us the consideration for the right to view our site and the information provided.

As per our conditions and terms, the copyrights reserved users are strictly prohibited from copying, selling, saving, hyper linking, printing or using URL or the matter of reproducing or republishing.You should be known that all our site information has copyright laws.

The facts and opinions expressed here are completely up to the opinion of our writers and editors.we perform our best to update the contents provided in our website but we do not make any warranty regarding the sustainability of the content and the accuracy of the content from time to time.Users under age 18 are not supposed to view some of the content and information.By using our websites you supposed to waive all rights regarding the dangers that are arising by using our site.

We hold the right to deny access to our website and the information published here no matter what reason it could be.considering your use the terms and conditions could change from time to time depending on the laws and regulations.

We provide our best in safeguarding our fellow customers information submitted to us during the process of submission and while we receive it.however we are opt to mention you that no method of transmission is 100% secure over the internet or other electronic storage. We strictly use SSL with respect to protect all your sensitive and valuable details on our websites.