Klonopin is a tranquilizer and belongs to the class of drugs named benzodiazepines. The active ingredient chemical present in this drug is called Clonazepam. Clonazepam acts in the chemicals which is unbalanced in the patients who are suffering from the anxiety and making them balanced thereby produced a desired effect of calmness.

Klonopin has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the prescription medicine and it is a brand-name. It is widely used as the anti-convulsant, anti-depressant, antiepileptic and the sedative drug.

Many drug manufacturing companies now make generic drug- Clonazepam to make the people dependent on it and it’s possible for them to abuse the drug. So choose wisely after researching deeply about each online pharmacies whether they are legitimate and approved by FDA and DEA before buying Klonopin.

Purchasing Information

Since the online medication distribution laws would be varied for different countries. If you are going to purchase this medication online, first you need to know whether that particular drugs stores have got approval from the government. If not, purchasing it from them would be considered as not lawful. Look for the valid physical address and contact details in their portal, if not it is advised not to risk yourself by making an order. It is better to look for the quality seals such as VIPPS, and read their privacy policies to know more about the store before ordering this medication from them. Even if you buying this Klonopin pills from another country it is possible to get it legally if they are a legitimate one to sell these drugs in your place. It is basically as if they are authorized to supply this medication in your locations, then you could get it safely and legally without any fret. But the first step is to check with a doctor first then start the purchase works.

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Working of Klonopin

This medication starts working after the few hours of consumption. It usually works by inhibiting the synaptic transmission across CNS after binding to the brain’s GABA receptors. Clonazepam would not increase the GABA level in the brain and also it will not replace these receptors with benzodiazepine chemical, instead, it modulates the function of these GABA receptors in the brain.

It passes through the barriers of brain and blood and it is extensively metabolized easily. It starts working after 5-6 hours of consumption in childhood and it would take 12 hours in adults.

The Possible Side effects of Klonopin drug

Taking Klonopin pills would result in some of the side effects. These effects would vary with the different people. As not everybody’s health condition is same to accept the medication as intended. There are few possibilities that the person who consumes it might be allergic to the chemical compound used in this medicine.  Some of the Klonopin side effects might last for long-term whereas some might be disappeared in very short time. Let us look into what are the short term and long term side effects of this medication.

Short-term effects

Euphoria state: As this medication would react with GABA receptor in the brain, a user will tend to feel mild euphoria during the initial time of consuming. These pleasurable experiences make the user continue this medication and sometimes mislead them to get abused or addicted.

Drowsiness: As this medication has the ability to relax the mind in a very short time, people who have taken could not involve in any work as they would feel little drowsiness.

Long-term effects

This might happen when the users take this pill for a long time or continue to take more than the prescribed duration.

  • Fainting,
  • Loss of memory
  • Hallucination
  • Confusion state
  • Decreased sex desire
  • Dizziness,
  • Suicidal thoughts,
  • Insomnia,
  • Panic attack,
  • Unusual heartbeat

Effect of Klonopin overdose:

  • Coma,
  • Respiratory problem,
  • Slurred speech,
  • Difficulty in breathing.

Take Klonopin to alleviate Periodic Limb Movement Disorder

Periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD) is a medical condition in which a person’s limb periodically moves without any voluntary action during sleep, several times a night. This might sound like a harmless disorder but in some cases, the effects of this disorder can be seen during the daytime as well. The person becomes fatigued and has excessive daytime sleepiness. There is no cure for this disorder. But you can alleviate the condition with certain medicines like Klonopin also known by its generic name Clonazepam. Clinical trials confirm the potential of Klonopin drug in lessening the symptoms associated with PLMD disorder. For treating PLMD, the course of therapy should be initiated with a considerably higher dosage strength, so as to ensure prompt relief. Analyze the severity of symptoms and accordingly purchase the medication from Klonopin online pharmacy so that the tolerance level would be adequate in the body.

Cure for PLMD 

Klonopin acts as a sedative. It reduces the number of limb movement, per hour. This is the most common type of treatment for PLMD, worldwide. Generic Klonopin induces sleep in the user and putting them into a strong drowsiness or sedation. This medication interacts with the action of GABA and other neurotransmitters. This would suppress any muscle contraction that occurs involuntarily. Subjects tend to have a good night sleep without much limb movement. PLMD is always associated with a lot of other medical conditions. If the subject has other sleep disorders like sleep apnea, use of Klonopin is restricted.

Important information to know before taking Klonopin

Before starting to use Klonopin, it is important to know the following points.

  1. Klonopin interacts with a lot of medicines. Do not consume it without consulting a doctor about its interaction with any drugs you may be consuming.
  2. It is used for treating seizure disorders, panic disorders, which are found in adults and children and should not be used for recreational purpose.
  3. It should not be consumed by pregnant women and lactating mothers, without doctor’s advice.
  4. It causes side effects and allergic reactions. It is not for everyone.
  5. The dosage of Klonopin depends on condition for which you are consuming the medicine, age, gender, medical history and so on.
  6. Klonopin is addictive. Keep a track of medicines, which you hold.
  7. Do not share it with anyone with the same problem.
  8. Do not drink alcohol or use any sleep-inducing medicines along with this pill.
  9. Do not stop taking Klonopin without discussing it with a doctor.
  10. If overdose, get medical help immediately.

Klonopin drug is the best medicine for PLMD treatment. But, it is not for everyone. Talk to a doctor to learn whether this drug is best for you. If so, you can consume it as per instructions are given by a doctor. There are a lot of other treatment methods for PLMD. So, if Klonopin pills are not right for you, do not stick to it. You can get treated with a lot of other medicines too.